Boarding School Information

When you are looking to enroll your child in a boarding school, there is a lot of information that you have to gather and begin looking at to ensure you feel you are making the right decision. Here are some things you should be looking at and a little about them.

Applications - Each school has an application for you to fill out the basics as well as more in depth information about your child and their education history. If you are enrolling your child into a junior boarding school, high-school boarding school or post-high school graduate school there will be an application for them to fill out as well so that the school can find out more about your child. This can been looked at a lot like a college application.

Requirements - Normally there are basic requirements that each school have, 


Open House Days (spend a day at the school)


Teaching Methods

Mottoes and Values
College Admissions

Choosing a School
Boarding School right for your child
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