Jill:   There are so many things that Marc has helped me with!  He has given me the confidence and courage to be a good mom.  He has been my backbone in supporting me with decisions I have made and given me the confidence that I made the best choice for my family.

Jared:  Before I went to see Marc, I was a completely different person.  I couldn’t control myself and it was affecting my life a lot.   After working with Marc he helped turn my attitude around and helped me learn to control myself ad how to deal with things.

Ginger:  My son and I went to see Marc originally to help my son with his extreme anxiety and depression.  Our situation got to the breaking point and I told Marc that I was desperate and ready for medication.  Marc asked me if I was willing to try some nutritional changes in our diet that would help with our physical and mental health.  I was willing to try anything, and now we are not on medication and we are both doing much better. Our relationship is healthier and so is my son’s outlook on life. Thanks to Marc’s vast knowledge of the mind and how nutrition affects mental health, he has changed our lives forever.