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For me, there is great satisfaction in helping people live fulfilling and satisfying lives. I believe as we work together, though it can be difficult at times, change can take place.  I have seen great things happen as my clients and I work together to create a better life, instead of the drudgery that has often bogged them down.  Therapy should be something that helps, is supportive, and creates something new and fresh for you!

My goal through our time together is for it to not be a lecture, or a one-sided conversation, rather this is a time to explore and work on issues that will make your life better in all areas!   After the first session you should feel that you have been listened to, understood and that we have discussed a direction and plan that will support you in making the changes that you desire.

In experiences with my clients, one point has always stood out: no matter how troubling things become, life will get better.

I look forward to helping you experience something new….something exciting!