About My Practice

About my practice:

In my practice I meet clients where their needs are and encourage each person to look at and consider other options in solving their situations or issues.  My main therapeutic focus is working through cognitive behavioral therapy – which means we consider what is happening in your life and explore what your thoughts are doing to either help or hurt your emotions, abilities and functioning.  I also believe that considering a holistic approach to caring for your needs is at least something each client should examine.   When your body is feeling sick, it’s communicating to you! I have had clients benefit from discussing the GAPS Diet, Paleo diet, The Selective Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and the impact of eating healthy foods.  Looking at all options that help a person is very important to me!

Areas I work in:

Children and Adolescents – I enjoy working with kids!  They are fresh, open, honest and are willing to express their feelings because honestly, they just want life to be better.

Parents/Parenting is a difficult job and sometimes parents just need a tune up!  Whether it’s how to handle behavior issues, or just dealing with their kids, getting help is something that can make a huge difference not just in parenting and home life but also in helping prepare a child for their future.

Blended Families today more than ever a blended family is more “normal,” than abnormal.  I have found that all parents who are in a blended family want their home to be a happy place.  We can work together to find ways to improve relationships, consistency and communication to give your blended family a boost!

Couples/individuals it would be nice if we woke up every day and felt full of energy and our relationships were more positive than negative. Unfortunately we don’t always feel that way and possibly we get to the end of the day and feel like we just have to have change.  Change is possible, not always pleasant or easy but it is possible and we can work on making the changes that you feel you want and need.

Anxiety and depression are two areas that I find people just can’t seem to always fix on their own.  No one wants to feel blah, out of sorts or just crummy.  I’ve also found that people don’t really want to just take a “pill” to make them feel better.  What I have seen is that the people I work with really just want true change – to get at the root of the problem! This is where cognitive therapy really comes into play.  Taking the time to understand where the blah feeling comes from and what feeds those thoughts is where true change takes place.  It can change and you can and will feel and experience a difference.

Health and learning issues can happen to any of us, both young and old.  Coping with a major health issue, or ADD or similar situations can just make our life not enjoyable. Sometimes we can find ways to heal those unwanted concerns and other times it just may be finding a way to manage our life vs. it managing us.  Either way it can get and be better!