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Unemployment Tax Service, Incorporated was formed to provide the finest local and personalized unemployment insurance cost control programs to public and private sector employers.

Over fifty years ago, unemployment insurance benefits were made available to assist employees who lost work through no fault of their own. These situations included lay-offs due to lack of work, non-voluntary resignations, or being discharged for misconduct.

Since that time, State agencies have relaxed the requirements for disqualifying claimants unless the employer can prove just cause. This change has caused employers to experience increasing unemployment insurance costs into the tens of thousands of dollars!

  • Unemployment Insurance costs can be controlled and reduced!
  • UTS specializes in this field and will design a program to meet your needs!
  • We represent you, the employer, throughout the unemployment process!

We provide a variety of services that will reduce the amount of administrative costs relating to unemployment issues as well as reducing this very expensive tax. Keep in mind, this is the only payroll tax that can be reduced!

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