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Building a Successful Prospecting Strategy

May 18-19, 2012
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In Baltimore, I'm bringing together some of the greatest treasure hunting prospectors in the industry. Each successful speaker is a prospecting-innovator, and worth the price of admission alone.

That's what Treasure Hunting is all about: Finding and claiming the treasure that other advisors don't have the skill to get.

This is not your ordinary conference.

Bill Good


Successful prospectors RARELY rely on referrals only. They normally deploy two or even three "channels." In this session, Bill will familiarize you with these channels. This is a 2-hour, power-packed presentation that will send you home with a strategy and a plan."

You will learn:

The Four Tiers to Referral Marketing (You know three, you don't know the fourth.)

Event Marketing Resources
Ira Walker is going to blow your doors off with what he does with event marketing. Bill will show you how.

Relationship Mapping: Key to Getting Introduced to the High Net Worth People Your Clients Know

Building the Strategic Partner Network

The New Wilson Campaign
Over the last year, we've made a lot of changes to Wilson. Here we pull them all together.

Seminar Marketing Today
Yes they work. You will learn to make them work for you. Hint: testing, testing, testing.

Cold Calling Breakthrough
You just have to see this one. It will knock your socks off. Hate cold calling but know it should be part of your mix? Bill will spend only 15 minutes on it because it makes some people sick. We will do this right before a break so people who NEVER will cold call don't even have to listen.

Direct Mail is Alive and Well
We will focus here on two campaigns and how to run them. You will learn (or re-learn) about the tried and true "Mother" campaign. And for those who want to pursue the high net worth investor, bonds are the key to their heart. We will roll out the Bond Campaign.

Who is John Thomas?

Worked as Tokyo correspondent for The Economist and the Financial Times.

Built and headed international equity division at Morgan Stanley

Ran his own hedge fund to a 1000% return and focused.

An article about him in Futures Magazine reports, " He also has parlayed early career interviews with Chinese senior leaders like Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai into a position as an official advisor to China's Ministry of Finance and the People's Bank of China. ‘Their questions to me are far more valuable than any answers that I'm able to give them,' he says."

John Thomas


In January, I spent three fascinating hours with John Thomas, author of the investment newsletter, "Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader." Our conversations ranged from the Occupy Wall Street crowd shivering on the street outside our hotel to his conversations with the likes of Warren Buffet, the four Governors of the Federal Reserve who subscribe to his newsletter, and his belief that Israel is unlikely to attack Iran.

I left the conversation wiser and certainly quieter as I digested three hours of wisdom dispensed by a man who has "been there/done that."

That's why I am so pleased to introduce John as the keynote speaker in our annual Users Conference, "Treasure Hunt." John comes with a bucket full of investment wisdom nuggets.

Why should you care?

Many, many reasons — among them:

  • His trade alerts produced an astonishing 40.18% return in 2011 putting him in the top .1% of hedge fund managers.
  • Just in the past few weeks, his newsletter would have provided you with nearly countless talking points — among them:
    • Is the Fat Lady Singing for the Treasury Bond Market?
    • U.S. Headed Towards Energy Independence (Blows the mind)

In addition to being an extraordinary investor, John is an extraordinary writer which flows over into his speaking.

When I covered my short position on the Japanese yen on Friday, it was not because I suddenly fell in love with the Land of the Rising Sun, began each day with a Zen meditation, started eating sushi three times a day, or initiated writing this letter from a hot tub. It is because followers of my Trade Alert Service suddenly had an 11 day, 64% gain on their hands. We now live in a world where a bird in the hand is worth ten in the bush, so I took the money and ran.

You can read John's "Year in Review 2011" here to learn more about his 40.18% investment return.

Here are just some of the nuggets in his bucket.

  • Why there's nothing the government can do about the current jobs crisis.
  • What deflation is and how it's affecting your lifestyle and investments.
  • How to profit as an investor in this economy.
  • One of the lower risk investments out there right now.
  • The type of thinking you need to develop to find the opportunities and make just as much money during the current weak economy as during a strong economy.
  • How John outperformed the S&P 500 by 40% in 2011.
  • Plus much, much more.

Don't miss this.

Ira Walker


Ira Walker has been a BGM System User since October 1988.

Early on, Ira ran the most successful cold calling team as he developed small business pension and profit sharing clients in the NYC tri-state area. In the early-mid-nineties, Ira morphed into a wildly successful seminar producer.

Ira is now the best at event and referral marketing. With $3 million in revenue in the door even before the end of 1Q, Ira is on top of his game; with $100 million in new assets in 2011. No one but Bill Good Marketing gets Ira Walker to tell them how he does it.

At the core of Ira's game plan is event marketing and social media. You will learn how branding and event marketing feeds referrals, how to get clients to invite the guests you want to meet, and how those guests become the clients you need.

Ira will be joined by Andrea Dagnelli, the Marketing Director for 18 years for the Walker Group. An important job for Andrea is to produce the events that keep Ira in front of HNW families in Ira's target area.

Ira is currently ranked first in Barron's prestigious state by state national survey of "The Top 1000 Advisors" in New Jersey. Ira was inducted as the youngest member of the Research Magazine Advisor Hall of Fame in 2008. He was featured in a chapter on asset allocation strategies using exchange-traded funds in R.J. Shook's latest book, The Winner's Circle: Asset Allocation Strategies from America's Best Financial Advisors, October 2006.

Jack Reutemann


At the very least, Jack Reutemann, a Bill Good Marketing client since 1992, is process driven.

He has a process for managing money. He has a client communications process. He has a client review process. Individual team members have processes for which they are responsible.

And he also has a process for bringing in new clients from referrals. It's what you do not want to miss. Oh, and just so you know, the process is working–as of late March 2012, he's already brought in 15 new ones. Jack is, to say the least, very bullish on referrals.

You are going to learn Jack's process. While you may still need clients from other sources, "referrals only" is where you want to be.

Jack's process starts with this fact: Affluent people are looking for a process.

Therefore, you need a process that differentiates you from your competition. Jack will explain his process and show you how he does it.

Now craft your "elevator speech" that crystalizes the process. And by the way, when you hear Jack's elevator speech, you will see how someone asking him, "What do you do?" will most likely wind up in his office.

With your elevator speech finally honed, you're going to teach it to your clients, every last one of them. Jack will show you how he does that.

Proof that they "got it" will come when someone calls you and says, "I'm a friend of Ted and Bob. I want what they've got."

Now it's show time. The prospective client arrives in your office where they experience the process. They get it again in your written proposal.

Now they're clients. It's time to re-enforce your process with your Red Carpet Procedure.

You will constantly remind them of it in your newsletter and monthly drip letters.

You check their understanding of it when they come in for their periodic review.

The politicians have a term for all this: "on message". Jack will show you how to stay on message so you too will be bullish on referrals.

And how about this for good news? Jack has agreed to share copies of all the key documents he uses.

Jack Reutemann, CLU, CFP™ is Founder and CEO of Research Financial Strategies which was founded in 1991. The OSJ he has built at LPL passed $1 billion in assets in 2011.

Rob Rose and Matt Hicken


Rob and Matt are a special team. They are committed to building the perfect system which has created a growth explosion.

They did a perfect double from Jan 2009-Dec 2010. That put them at $1.3 last year. The plan was to do a 3-year double to $2.6. But that may have to change. In an email, Matt told me, "We are likely going to change our asset goal for this year because we were shooting for $35 million and have already grown by $20 million and it doesn't appear that the pipeline will let up much."

Part of the magic for the dynamite duo is the client experience. It's very carefully crafted. It positions the team as expert financial advisors. It plays a huge role in their success in networking. Quite frankly, it's a good part of the reason they are blowing the doors off again this year.

Rob Rose has been in financial services since 1988. Rob is currently in the top 10 at Scott & Stringfellow, a regional firm based in the Southeast. He is a frequent guest speaker for "Top Gun," a firm sponsored group of new and older advisors trying to grow and revitalize their businesses. For 2008 and 2010, he won the outstanding "Partner of the Year" in recognition for referring the most business back to bank strategic partners.

Matt Hicken is formerly Director of Marketing Support at Bill Good Marketing. Normally, BGM staff is forbidden by contract to work for BGM clients. Bill made an exception in Matt's case because Matt gave a 1-year notice AND promised to build a 100% Gorilla Chart system.

Andy Horowitz

TOPIC: FAST Track: Getting Gorilla DONE in four months

Andy Horowitz is screaming up the 110% Gorilla chart proving that it doesn't take forever, just a few months. Not since Ira Walker hit the ground running in 1988 have I seen anyone do it as fast.

While he's new, his ideas on getting the system operational should make anyone whose system implementation is less than 50% put a brown paper bag over their head.

Just consider this one fact: in four months, Andy has built a sales pipeline of $129 million. He's finding money all over the place. You can too.

Andy's specialty is helping CEO's create exit plans for their family and business interests. As he puts it, "I provide an implementation process to increase returns with less risk, minimize taxes and reduce the stressful impact of change to their family through excellent client service and education."

Why Treasure Hunt Now?

If you were to stroll through almost any group of FAs, you soon hear:

"It's really hard to prospect"
"Seminars just aren't working any more."
"Referrals have dried up."
"Investors are too scared to move."
"Strategic partners are a one-way street—me to them."
"You can't even cold call any more."

I have good news — great news in fact.

Referrals don't have to stay dried up. Seminars do work. Disgruntled investors will move their assets and strategic partner relationships can be created that flow both ways. And you can even cold call.

The better news is: hardly anyone is prospecting right now. The door is wide open.

That's what "Treasure Hunt" is all about: helping you build to the next level.

What on Earth is a Parallel Track?

This is so important.

It's where we teach your team how to implement what you're learning and will want to do.

Among other things, your team will learn:

How to set and manage Google Alerts so that you are notified immediately about important chunks of money that just went into motion.

How to manage client events.

How to track interests so you invite people to events about which they are passionate.

Welcome to Baltimore BWI Hilton

We chose the Hilton at Baltimore Washington Airport for several reasons. Easy access.

Even if you fly into Reagan in DC, you step on the train and you're there in 45 minutes.

Southwest flies into BWI. So if you want to bring your team, (highly recommended), you will most likely save several hundred dollars on airfare.

And room rates are only $109 plus tax. But the supply of rooms at this price is LIMITED.